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      • 標題: Breaking the Rules Guangfeng Innovative Marketing Sword Small and Medium Car Rayingng

      If you use two years as a time scale, many people may sigh like me: You need to relearn GAC Toyota. The
           On April 19th, Toyota Yun had a unique appearance on Li Yun’s night and made small friends stunned. In the past two years, one of Guangfeng’s innovation factors seemed to be injected into DNA. The endless stream of innovative marketing also followed. Inciting the market. The
           In fact, the pre-restructuring of Guangfeng’s first mid-class TRACING (configuration gallery reputation) is just another example of innovative marketing: In early April, a “giant lightning barter” that seems to have fallen from heaven suddenly flashes. In the streets of six major cities, such as Guangzhou and Chengdu, it was filled with mystery because it was not claimed. It immediately reached the headlines of various media and drew everyone's appetite. The
           It was not until April 18 that this mystery was revealed: The original giant lightning bolt used the metaphor of "The Thunder and the Will of Lingyun," referring to the "Raying" new car.



         Whether this time the mysterious lightning was tagged with headline event marketing, or through the music “little fresh” type of marketing, or with the cooperation of China’s car rental company, “Tall”, Guangfeng’s marketing system was younger than ever before. Innovation is powerful. The

          Guangfeng Sword Small and Medium Car
          “If the ship is small, it's better to turn around.” If we look at the time dimension, Guangfeng has just turned 10 years old this year. Compared with other companies that are 20 or even 30 years old, Guangfeng seems to be more likely to make changes to the pace of the market. : In 2013, Guangfeng put forward a strategy for small cars and proposed that new cars be introduced every year in the future. With the focus on small and medium sized vehicles, a strategic shift of product focus will be realized: by 2015, the company’s total production and sales will increase to 500,000 vehicles, small and medium sized vehicles. Accounting for 40%. The
          In Guangfeng's definition of small and medium-sized vehicles, not only such small cars as Hyun Hyun, but also including medium-sized cars like Ralink - form a small and medium-sized car product matrix. The
          The fundamental of all this strategic change is to seize the hearts of young people and seize the hearts of 80s and 90s. In a new vehicle consumption survey in 2013, Xinhuaxin President Lin Lei reached a conclusion: Last year, nearly 20 million new car sales nationwide, of which 40% of the group were 80 years old. The
      After getting 80 years, Li Hui thinks, “It's time for GAC Toyota's Sword’s small and medium-sized cars.” “We are sure to have a good market for small and medium-sized cars.”
          Under such a "necessary" background, there is also a set of above-mentioned unprecedented innovation marketing of Guangfeng. The
          After the reform, the return is also obvious: According to the data released by the National Passenger Vehicles Association, the newly-launched Zhi-hyun sold in the top three months of 2014, ranking among the top three in the domestic joint venture compact hatchback market. The
          The model with such outstanding market performance at the beginning of listing is rare in the domestic car market. Looking back at the results, the number of orders made by the show before the Spring Festival has already exceeded 21,000. Guangfeng Marketing “breaks the rules” and “rules are used to break down.” If this epidemic is slightly provocative in the IT industry, no one would have thought that it would appear in Li Hui's mouth. This concept has also begun to be transplanted. To Guangfeng's marketing management. The
          The most important thing to be successfully transplanted is the change in the concept of senior management. The
          Open-mindedness: Learning from "Good Cats"
          In fact, in addition to the above-mentioned visible and audible changes, the increasingly open people in Guangfeng began to learn from some of their better opponents in some areas, and they do not shy away from taking part in some of the successes of their opponents in public. Thumbs up. In the past one or two years, at the regular meeting of Guangfeng cadres, success stories of rivals in the industry have been repeatedly mentioned, even for this purpose. The
      Obviously, Guangfeng, which is rooted in China’s fertile soil, increasingly understands that “regardless of the black cats and white cats, the ones that catch mice are good cats”. “Whether it is in the auto industry or in other industries, whether foreign or It is autonomous, as long as it is valuable marketing, regardless of where they originated, we should all learn and use it,” said Li Hui. The
          He also said, "Guangfeng is a young company, young and young, we hope that the company's open and positive pace can be made even bigger. Only in this way can success be closer to us."
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